About Us

We have a large resource of skilled labor that is not being used to its greatest extent.  How do we put this pool of resources to work in a manner profitable to all parties involved.    Skilled labor is needed at various points in a business’ operation, startups, expansions, and turnarounds are good examples.  At each of these points something has stalled and help is needed to move things along.  Our pool of skilled, underutilized people can be tapped to provide skills in technical skills, management skills, or experience motivated bodies to move things along.  Specific experience can be matched, someone with long experience can adapt quickly to a situation and help resolve issues.  In general older workers with experience can adapt and have a good work ethic.  The assistance of multiple groups is needed to inform the proper people of this idea, and convince companies and people of the idea and the values to all parties of the concept.  Skills experience, and target circumstances need to be identified for places to get the skilled people to work.  Examples of possible target needs are developing another department, such as sales, inventory, or customer service.